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MORRIS (aka MOSHE) SCHWEKY, originally from Brooklyn, New York, is a renowned artist and entrepreneur. His education at Pratt Institute, focusing on interior design and art history, laid a solid foundation for his future endeavors. In 2005, Morris co-founded Stitches www.smstitches.com, a specialized Judaica craft company. As its creative director, he developed a unique niche, crafting personalized needlepoint products for an elite clientele.

In 2019, Morris relocated to Israel, driven by a desire for deeper spiritual and artistic exploration. His initial settlement in Tsfat, known for its spiritual significance, allowed him to immerse himself in the study of Kabbalah, delve into the depths of Torah, and practice meditation. This period marked a significant broadening of his artistic expression, integrating photography and graphic design into his repertoire.

Transitioning to life in Biriya alongside his wife, Sofia, Morris entered a new phase of personal and professional growth. His artistic endeavors have since shifted, with a pronounced emphasis on custom projects and graphic design, though his passion for art creation endures. His recent works fuse spirituality, fantasy, and reality, employing collages that blend original photographs with geometric patterns to craft meditative, expansive, and tranquil visual narratives. These pieces not only captivate the viewer but also prompt reflection on our collective journey, the essence of our souls, our connection to the celestial, and our profound relationship with the Divine.

Morris' journey from Brooklyn to Biriya illustrates a continuous quest for creativity and spiritual connection. His evolving body of work serves as a vibrant testament to the beauty and depth that emerge when the tangible and the mystical intersect, inviting viewers into a world where art and spirituality converge seamlessly.